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Countless hacker attacks are happening right at this very moment.

Webseiten vor Cyberkriminalität und Hacker-Angriffen schützen

In the Digital Age, Websites are under Constant Attack:

Our mission is to make the digital space safer and protect businesses from cybercriminals. With 30 years of experience in web development, we know that securing your website is not just an option; it’s a necessity.

We’re the service that website operators have been waiting for—and hackers hate us for it!

Cybercriminals employ sophisticated bots and malware to systematically search for vulnerabilities in websites. Their aim? Data theft, phishing attacks, and spreading malicious software.


Real-Life Attack Scenarios:

For example, the website of Deutsche Kreditbank (DKB) was imitated to steal credit card information. The incident required a huge effort for cleanup and the involvement of law enforcement agencies.

Another example is the mass posting of spam content leading to casino portals or supposed miracle cures. In such cases, often the only option is to completely reinstall the website from a backup.

Your responsibility as a Website Operator:

As a website operator, you bear full responsibility for the security of your site. Negligently implemented security measures can damage not only your reputation but also lead to legal and financial repercussions.

Selbstcheck zu Online-Sicherheitslücken

How we protect your Online Presence:

We offer easy-to-implement, tried-and-tested solutions for DIY implementation or full protection with unbeatable cost-benefit:

  • Security Tests: Our vulnerability analysis identifies potential entry points for hackers before they do it for you.
  • Preventative Measures: We provide concrete, easily implementable code examples and guidelines to fend off cyber attacks and cover key security aspects.
Prevention is the key to securing your digital assets. With our expert tips and effective strategies, we offer the exact solutions essential for a safe and reliable online presence.
GetSafe 360° Box

360° Website SecurityRundum-Absicherung

  • HTTP-Sicherheits-Header
  • Inhaltsicherheitsrichtlinie (CSP)
  • XSS-Absicherung

Ihr Internet-Auftritt ist nur so sicher wie die schwächste Stelle.

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